The World Wide Web

It connected the world. We embraced it with open arms and built spaces, communities, and businesses there. We built our lives there. It showed us that distance was irrelevant.

And that is it’s greatest flaw.

We value what is closer to us

While we use the web to seek connection wherever it can be found, we never left the places where this connection already existed.

Our homes, neighborhoods, communities, and local businesses: they still exist, just not on the web. Why would they? The web is world-wide by default.

We are connected to the world but also siloed and isolated from those around us. Our neighborhoods and places have become dark and unsearchable.

Trying and Failing

We have been hacking at this problem for over a decade and are coming up short of an elegant solution.

We have a phone full of apps that do very narrow and limited things. We have sprinkled “location” into existing services with no care about outcomes or uses.

Does it have to be this way?

The web is beautiful, flexible, open, and free. It’s just missing that last mile. The mile that is the most relevant.

Welcome to the
Mile Wide Web

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Coming to a browser near you this fall.

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